Indoor Skydiving training in Singapore – Best School Activity for Students!

Did you know that students can gain a lot from a thrilling indoor Skydiving training?

It’s more than just pumping their adrenalin. It’s for them to experience first-hand the actual scientific principles they learned from school.

With iFly Singapore’s Skydiving Education Programme, we provide extreme yet safe activities that will suit your students. We believe in the power of experience, the same way we believe in the wonders of scientific principles.

Our Education Programme provides students an exciting opportunity to apply the scientific principles learned in their Science and Physics syllabus through an indoor skydiving experience in a guided and safe environment. The Education Programme can be customized to ensure that it is relevant and in line with the student’s education level.

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Having said that, we offer Skydiving training courses that will allow your students in Singapore to experience and learn more about Physics. Let them defy gravity and have a lesson they surely won’t forget.

What Your Students Will Get?

Prior to the actual Skydiving session, our trained instructors will give your students a tour of our facility’s fan deck. Here, they could further learn and understand the concept of Wind Tunnel.  

Remember, learning shouldn’t be limited in a classroom setting. You have to expose students and provide heart-stopping activities that are both educational and exciting. This is where it Singapore’s Skydiving course can help you.

Teachers and Students Recommend It!

We asked teachers and students who already tried our Skydiving course, and it proved to be effective and fun at the same time. With this, the younger generation will be more excited to learn about scientific principles.

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