Proflyers / Membership

Terms and Conditions


  1. Who Can Fly/Eligibility
    1. Flyers must be 7 years of age and above; 120kg maximum if under 1.8m tall, 140kg maximum if over 1.8m tall; not pregnant; have no hard casts; are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs; have no history of shoulder dislocation, back or neck injury.
  2. Waiver Form
    1. All flyers must complete the Waiver Form, a legal agreement between the flyer and iFly Singapore (SKYVENTURE VWT SINGAPORE PTE LTD). This agreement ensures all flyers understand the nature of the sport of bodyflight and the risks involved.
    2. All information retained on the Waiver Form is used for this purpose alone and will not be supplied to any other party for any other purpose, except where authorized by the customer.
    3. Flyers below 18 years of age must be accompanied by parent/guardian or bring along a copy of the identity card/passport and waiver form signed by parent/guardian.
      The flyer hereby irrevocably releases from liability, and waives the Participant’s rights against, the Company, its officers, employees and agents (collectively, the “Indemnifieds”) in respect of any personal injury, death or disability, or any damage, loss or theft of any personal property which the Participant may incur or suffer by reason of the participation by the Participant in the activities offered by the Company (including but not limited to flying in the vertical wind tunnel), or from the provision of such activities by the Company.
      The flyer agrees to indemnify and keep the Indemnifieds fully and effectively indemnified from and against any and all losses, claims, demands, actions, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses or any other liability whatsoever which any of Indemnifieds may suffer or incur, or which may be brought or established against any of Indemnifieds by any person, arising in any way from any misrepresentation or inaccuracy in the information (including in this Form) provided by the flyer to the Company, or any non-compliance by the flyer of the terms and conditions stated in this Waiver Form and this document.
  3. Pre-Flight Requirements
    1. Flyers are required to bring along their Identity Card and/or passport for verification purposes.
    2. Flyers are required to check in 1 hr prior to the flight time as all flyers need to attend professional training to ensure safety throughout flight experience.
    3. Be attired in T-shirts, shorts, jeans or pants. Ladies are advised not to dress in skirts or dresses.
    4. Wear closed-toe shoes with laces, preferably sneakers/track shoes.
    5. Avoid wearing accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.
    6. Strictly no PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOGRAPHY is allowed.


  1. Rescheduling & Cancellation
    1. For first timers
      1. No rescheduling on the day of flight. Any rescheduling required before the day of flight shall have a charge of $30 per flyer. (“Rescheduling Fee”).
      2. Any no shows or rescheduling on the day of flight shall be subjected to a 100% cancellation fee. No show is defined as being late for check-in.
      3. There shall strictly be no refund for any flight cancellation, no show or late check in.
      4. In the event that iFly Singapore exercises any discretion for refund for exceptional cases, there shall be an administrative fee of $30 to be charged. This shall include situations such as but not limited to wrong booking, double booking, medical condition, etc.
    2. For members, proflyers and coaching bookings,
      1. Once bookings are made, a rescheduling fee will be charged for changes as stated below. There shall be strictly no refund for any flight cancellation, no show or late check in. Any no shows or rescheduling on the day of flight shall be subjected to a 100% cancellation fee. No show is also defined as being late for check-in.
        Less than 7 working days before flight 20% of the blocked session
        Less than 4 working days before flight 50% of the blocked session
        Less than 2 working days before flight 100% of the blocked session
        Period of Notice Rescheduling Fee
      2. In the event that iFly Singapore exercises any discretion to reschedule under exceptional circumstances, there shall be an administrative fee to be charged at iFly Singapore’s discretion.
  1. Refund & Transfer of Package
    1. iFly Singapore does not offer refunds for any reason.
    2. Customers, excluding those who have purchased membership packages, are allowed to transfer their package to a friend/family member. However, this will be reviewed on a case to case basis at the sole discretion of iFly Singapore with an administrative fee.
    3. For more information, please call +65 6571 0000 or email info@iflysingapore.com.
  2. Maintenance
    1. iFly Singapore reserves the right to cancel all flights and reschedule them to the next available slot.
  3. Validity of Vouchers
    1. All iFly Singapore flight vouchers are issued with an expiry date; hence all flights must be taken on or before that date.
    2. Voucher(s) must be presented on the day of the intended flight as without the voucher(s), customer will not be allowed to fly unless full payment is made.
  4. Prices
    1. All prices are indicated at point of sale. iFly Singapore reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.

3. First Timers’ PACKAGES

  1. Teaser & Challenge Package
    1. Package is meant for ONE person.
    2. Skydives must be completed in the same flight session.
  2. Group
    1. Skydives must be completed in the same flight session.
  3. Return Flyer Gift Voucher
    1. Flight voucher must be purchased on the same day of the first flight.
    2. One time usage per flyer.
    3. Flight Voucher shall be used before the expiry date as stated on the voucher. There shall be no extension.
    4. Booking of flights must be done on-site at iFly Singapore.
  4. High 10 Gift Voucher
    1. Only applicable for one-time purchase.
    2. Valid only for on-site booking. No online booking is allowed.
    3. The HIGH 10 Package can only be purchased upon completion of the First-timer Challenge Package on the same day.
    4. The HIGH 10 Package consists of 10 skydives for one flyer only.
    5. All 10 skydives has to be utilised within the same session.
    6. This coupon is valid 7 days from date of purchase.
    7. Any rescheduling done 1 day prior to date of flight shall have a rescheduling fee charged at $150 per flyer.
    8. Any no-show or rescheduling on the day of flight shall have a 100% cancellation fee imposed.
    9. Extension of voucher validity is not allowed.
    10. Offer is not valid for use with any other voucher, discount or promotion.
    11. Voucher is not redeemable for cash and will not be replaced of torn, stolen or lost.
    12. iFly Singapore reserves the right to substitute promotion items with products of equal purchased value without prior notice.
    13. iFly Singapore shall not be liable for cancellation of any programme due to unforeseen circumstances.