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VIP Tour Packages available:

  • VIP Package at $199:
    a) 1x Teaser Package
    b) Fly the Flyer on 2nd skydive
    c) Photo Opportunity at the wind tunnel
    d) Back of House: Fan Deck Tour
  • VIP Premium Package at $299:
    a) 1x First Timer Challenge Package
    b) Fly the Flyer on 3rd skydive
    c) Photo Opportunity at the wind tunnel
    d) Back of House: Fan Deck Tour
    e) Combo 4: 5 photos and 1 video
  • For more information, email
Terms and Conditions:

  • iFly Singapore reserves the right to make changes to the price without prior notice.

Normal Flight Timings

  • Saturday to Sunday: 1200hrs – 1730hrs

Off-Peak Flight Timings (Not valid on Public Holidays)

  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday to Friday: 1000hrs – 2130hrs
  • Wednesday: 1200hrs – 2130hrs
  • Saturday & Sunday: 1000hrs – 1130hrs, 1800hrs – 2130hrs


Indoor Skydiving training in Singapore – Best School Activity for Students!

Did you know that students can gain a lot from a thrilling indoor Skydiving training?

It’s more than just pumping their adrenalin. It’s for them to experience first-hand the actual scientific principles they learned from school.

With iFly Singapore’s Skydiving Education Programme, we provide extreme yet safe activities that will suit your students. We believe in the power of experience, the same way we believe in the wonders of scientific principles.

Our Education Programme provides students an exciting opportunity to apply the scientific principles learned in their Science and Physics syllabus through an indoor skydiving experience in a guided and safe environment. The Education Programme can be customized to ensure that it is relevant and in line with the student’s education level.

For more information, kindly contact us at

Having said that, we offer Skydiving training courses that will allow your students in Singapore to experience and learn more about Physics. Let them defy gravity and have a lesson they surely won’t forget.

What Your Students Will Get?

Prior to the actual Skydiving session, our trained instructors will give your students a tour of our facility’s fan deck. Here, they could further learn and understand the concept of Wind Tunnel.  

Remember, learning shouldn’t be limited in a classroom setting. You have to expose students and provide heart-stopping activities that are both educational and exciting. This is where it Singapore’s Skydiving course can help you.

Teachers and Students Recommend It!

We asked teachers and students who already tried our Skydiving course, and it proved to be effective and fun at the same time. With this, the younger generation will be more excited to learn about scientific principles.

Go ahead and contact us now!

Proflyers / Membership

Training Package – Belly flying skills

 Normal*  Off-Peak**  Super Off-Peak***  Validity
 5 Skydives (7.5 mins)  $380  $340  $295  1 day
 10 Skydives (15 mins)  $680  $599  $540  1 day
 20 Skydives (30 mins)  $1,270  $1,170  $1,010  1 month
 40 Skydives (60 mins)  $2,330  $2,120  $1,910  1 month
 60 Skydives (90 mins)  $3,390  $2,970  $2,650  1 month
 80 Skydives (120 mins)  $4,240  $3,760  $3,340  2 months
 100 Skydives (150 mins)  $5,090  $4,550  $4,050  2 months

Coaching Expertise

Coaching Fee
  • Intermediate & Advance Belly / Back / Sit Flying transitions skills
  • Support head down / Intermediate head down flying
  • 2 – way and 4 – way formation flying
15 minutes: $75
60 minutes: $275
  • Expert Belly flying transitions
  • Advanced head down flying skills
  15 minutes: $95
60 minutes: $350

Membership Packages

Choose Your Package & Let Your Dream Take Flight

You have flown in one of the world’s largest wind tunnel and now you’re hooked! The good news is that iFly Singapore has made it even more affordable for you to relive the thrill of indoor skydiving, again and again!

We believe that anyone can fly. That’s why whether you’re a beginner or super enthusiast, we offer different membership tiers to suit your requirements – from Basic Tier of 15 skydives at about $33/skydive to Platinum Tier of over 481 skydives at about $25/skydive. Feel the adrenaline rush and hone your skills with each successive skydive.

Take advantage of this great offer to learn how to fly professionally, just like our instructors and iFly Singapore ambassadors!  And at a fraction of the cost of a tandem jump, iFly Singapore is unbeatable value!


Package  Membership Rate No. of skydives included *% Savings Over Rack Rate
BASIC  $499 15 43%

Levelling Up Benefits

How to? 25% Discount for First Timer Challenge Package 15% Discount on iFly Merchandise

Complimentary skydives on Birthday Month**

Top-up Rate for every 20 skydives


BRONZE Qualifies for Basic Membership




Accumulated purchase of 160 skydives (4 hours)




Accumulated purchase of 320 skydives (8 hours)




PLATINUM Accumulated purchase of 480 skydives (12 hours)





Eager to enjoy the best-discounted rates from the get-go?  Jump into the fast-lane by upgrading your membership tier instantly.  See table below and check with our iFly Singapore crew for more details.



Basic Membership* Package Gold Platinum
Membership Rate $499 $5000 $9000
No. of Skydives Included 15 160 (4 hours) 320 (8 hours)
Cost per Skydive $33 $31 $28
% Savings over Rack Rates** 43% 47% 52%

For more information, kindly contact us at or call us at +65 6571 0000.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Skydives are for off peak timing only. All skydives are in denominations of 90 seconds and sold in blocks of 20.
  • *Calculated using base rate of $1170.
  • **Off-peak hours only.
  • iFly Singapore reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.


Proflyers Packages

 Normal*  Off-Peak**  Super Off-Peak***  Validity
 5 Skydives (7.5 mins)  $380  $340  $295  1 day
 10 Skydives (15 mins)  $680  $599  $540  1 day
 20 Skydives (30 mins)  $1,270  $1,170  $1,010  1 month
 40 Skydives (60 mins)  $2,330  $2,120  $1,910  1 month
 60 Skydives (90 mins)  $3,390  $2,970  $2,650  1 month
 80 Skydives (120 mins)  $4,240  $3,760  $3,340  2 months
 100 Skydives (150 mins)  $5,090  $4,550  $4,050  2 months


Birthday Parties Packages

Contact the Corporate Sales Team for more information via

Flight Vouchers staff gifts

Contact the Corporate Sales Team for more information via

Team Bonding / Building Packages

Indoor skydiving at iFly Singapore is a fun and exhilarating activity. We help you to create the right environment for building team spirit and trust in your team. Our customized flying experience will also allow each participant to overcome fear and instil confidence.

Reward your team with an unforgettable experience with us now.

Contact the Corporate Sales Team for more information via

Venues & Events

We cater for a variety of corporate events which we can tailor our iFly Singapore experience to leave an everlasting impression on your guests, ranging from anniversary celebrations, family day, management retreats and product launches.

Contact our Corporate Sales Team at for more information.

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Rates and Packages